User Guide

 Direct Publishing to Instagram


Using PostPickr Direct Publishing, Instagram business profiles can automatically schedule and publish contents to Instagram from any desktop computer, without needing to use the app mobile.

Please Note: PostPickr Direct Publishing is an alternative to the official Instagram one. Before enabling it, please read Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which you must accept to complete the process.


  • Install Chrome extension “PostPickr for Instagram”
  • Enable Direct Publishing
  • Create and set contents for Direct Publishing
  • Schedule Contents for Direct Publishing
  • Limitations and Thresholds

Install the “PostPickr for Instagram” Chrome extension 

To enable the Direct Publishing, first you have to install the Chrome extension “PostPickr for Instagram”. This extension allows you to connect your Instagram profile to PostPickr and open it as follows:

  • open the Chrome browser in your desktop computer and login to your PostPickr account;
  • in the Overview section, locate the “PostPickr for Instagram” box:

Link to Chrome extension "PostPickr for Instagram"

  • click Install (or click on this link). The extension page will open in Chrome Web Store:

  • click Add, then in the next permission box, then click Add extension to complete installation.

The extension will be added to the existing ones, in the top bar at the right of the address field:

Enable Direct Publishing

After installing the “PostPickr for Instagram” Chrome extension, go to, login on the account you want to activate in “Direct Publishing” mode. You can activate both business and private accounts (provided they are publicly visible).

After the login, click the Chrome extension (that now is colored):

Chrome extension enabledClick Connect in the pop-up window.
You’ll be directed to a PostPickr dashboard internal page. In this page you will be asked to choose in which Project you want to connect your Instagram account in the “Direct Publishing” mode:

Choose a Project from the drop-down menu and select the checkbox to confirm that you’ve read the Terms of use and you have accepted them (this is mandatory to complete the process).
Click Confirm to end the approval and connection procedure: 

Overview - Channels connected in Direct Publishing

A red triangle with a bolt on the profile picture means that the account is enabled for the Direct Publishing. Those without the mark can just “Publish through Push Notifications”.
The channels previously connected to your Project can be enabled to publish directly too. If you enable them, when you create a content, you can choose how to publish it.

Create and set Contents for Direct Publishing

Select Compose in the Main Menu to open the Post Editor, then select one or more Instagram accounts with the Direct Publishing mark:

On each selected Instagram channel, the Advanced Options section will be automatically activated:

Advanced options for direct publishing

Set the Publishing mode: select Direct and choose between Feed and Stories.

In case you chose Feed, when you publish you can decide to maintain the original image size or to apply the typical squared Instagram crop.

Contents sent to Stories will be automatically cut and adapted to the crop format in the publication process.

Create the content using the Post Editor advanced tools, such as emojis, DesignBold effective graphics for posts and stories, free images from Pixabay, Adobe Creative Cloud advanced image editing and so on.

Schedule Contents for Direct Publishing

After creating the content, open the blue Scheduled Posts menu

Tap the blue button and select an option between send now, program or save in a Category


then select:

  • Send now, if you want to immediately send the post and publish it to Instagram;
  • Schedule, if you want the content to be published to Instagram the date and time you set. For security reasons, posts in “Direct Publish” mode, must be scheduled at least 5 minutes apart.

Limitations and Thresholds

For now, in the “Direct Publication”, It’s not possible to:

  • attach videos or image galleries to the posts whether Feed or Stories
  • attach links to Stories (even if the account has more than 10.000 followers)
  • mention, geotag, use stickers, surveys and so on
  • use the Recursive Programming and Save in a Category functions.

The function has limitations (number of channels that can be activated) and thresholds (maximum number of daily publication) that can be different depending on the Subscription Plan. For more information, visit the Plans Comparison page.

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