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Knowledge Base

Quick Guide to the Postpickr Main Features

  Introducing PostPickr

Private Beta Info

The beta testing period will last 60 days and may be extended by the will of PostPickr. Users will get an account “Beta” in order to test the key features of the software. At the end of this period, users will be able to convert their account into a free or paid plan, according the terms that will be announced on this website at least 15 days before the expiration date. Non-acceptance may result in account termination and loss of all projects, content, settings and programming created.

We strongly recommend to read the Disclaimer before you start using the software. Further, you shall provide PostPickr comments, review, evaluation, analysis, suggestions, or other feedback regarding your use of the software, along with reporting bugs or malfunctions. You agree that all feedback are made voluntarily and shall not create a confidentiality obligation from PostPickr to any party and PostPickr shall be free to use any Service Comments in any manner without obligation of any kind to you



Welcome to PostPickr, the smart way to manage  your social content flow. In this guide you will find the basic information to start using the tool immediately; forum however, will be the perfect place to share your experiences of use, expose us your suggestions or vote on suggestions from other users.

PostPickr is an Editorial Tool for Social Content Publishing, designed for businesses and professionals active in social media strategically. It allows you to manage multiple social channels at the same time and, unlike other software, it offers a fresh editorial approach to social media, organizing content by topic and relevance, and ensuring consistency and efficiency in workflow publication.


  •  Plan: PostPickr organizes social content flow in editorial projects arranged by content, strategies and target audience. Each project brings together social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), contents, topics, schedules, notifications, and statistics. Easily switch from one project to another in a click;
  •  Topics: keep order and aggregate your content into dynamic and updatable lists;
  •  Compose: Content is King! Create perfect post for any social channel, attach images, videos and shortened links. Publish, schedule or save the post in a Topic List;
  •  Import: get and share stream contents in a click from your favourite sources: RSS Feed, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr… 
  •  Review: you’re in control over all content! Delete, edit, archive and re-publish every single post. Filter  for Topic, scheduled post, published post, archived post or specific social channel.
  •  Schedule: Schedule single posts or Topic lists with multiple content. Set time, date range, specific days of the week and contents selection criteria;
  •  Measure (coming soon): PostPickr simultaneously monitors all social channels, notifying all like, follow, shares, retweets and comments received. Analyze the target and measures the performance of your accounts through the Insight Analytics.
  •  Team (coming soon): add contributors to your projects, assign specific roles, exchange content, send and receive notifications, talking in live chat.

Dashboard Log In:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on LOG IN button in the Main Menu;
  3. Enter your username or email;
  4. Enter your password;
  5. Clicca on “Log In” button;
  6. Click on “Lost or Forgotten Password?” to get email instructions on how to reset your password.


Main Menu


main menu

Use the main menu to access the main functions of PostPickr. The menu is always available at the top of the application window and is composed of the following sections:

OVERVIEW – It offers an overview of the main activities related to your Account and Projects;

PLAN – To create and set Editorial Projects and collect social channels (Facebook pages and profiles, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles and groups), content, schedules, team members, and analytics. Projects can be used to set up custom campaigns for places, languages, topics, brands, activities, products, or for any other specific needs;

COMPOSE – To create, publish, schedule or save contents by Post Editor;

IMPORT – Import and share stream contents by Smart Picker;

SCHEDULE – To set future publications of the active Project. Subsections: Topics, Post, Show Calendar, Show Alerts;

REVIEW – To review, edit or delete contents generated by PostPickr. Subsections: Topics, Published Posts, Saved Posts, Archived Posts;

MEASURE – To measure the effectiveness of publications and the relevant audience (coming soon);


  Set the Editorial Plan

Using Projects

The first time you sign in to PostPickr you will be prompted to create your first Project. Projects are useful for organizing the editorial plan: they collect social channels (pages, profiles and Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, profiles, groups, and Linkedin company pages), content, schedules, team members (1) and statistics (1). They can be used to set up custom campaigns for places, languages, topics, brands, activities, products, or for any other specific needs.

To create a new Project:
  1. Click on  Plan button in the Main Menu
  2. Click on  “New Project” button
  3. Enter Project name
  4. Enter a brief description of the Project (optional: use this feature to distinguish the characteristics or goals of individual projects, especially in case you run similar campaigns).
  5. Set the Time Zone
  6. Click on “Connect Channels” button

new project

In the next window add the social channels on which you will publish the content from your Project. You can add pages. profiles and Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, profiles, groups and pages Linkedin:

connect channels

Once your channels are connected, click on the “DONE” button to display the list of all Projects created from your account. To edit settings, hover your mouse over Project name and then click on the “Edit” link:

project table


You will able to edit name, description, timezone, and add or delete channels. You can switch from the active Project to another at any time and from any page, clicking on the red pop-up menu on the top right (under the main menu) and selecting the desired Project among the items on the list:

project switch

(1) coming soon


Dashboard Overview

Provides an overview of the main activities related to your account and ongoing Projects. To display the Dashboard Overview, click on the [  Overview ] button in the main menu or on the PostPickr logo.


Here you will find information on the thresholds of the plan you have signed up:

  • PROJECTS: display the number of projects created and how many still available;
  • SOCIAL CHANNELS: display the number of social channels created and how many still available;
  • SCHEDULED TOPICS: display the number of scheduled Topics and how many still available;

When a threshold is about to be reached, the system will display the “Upgrade” button in order to upgrade the current plan.



In this Project

Here you will find information on the ongoing Project:

  • SOCIAL CHANNELS: shows the channels connected, according to Facebook pages, profiles and groups, Twitter accounts, Linkedin profiles, groups and company pages. Click on the [ Add Channel ] button to quickly connect a new channel to the Project;
  • SCHEDULED CONTENTS: shows info about the planned publications by type (Topics, Topics List, Topics Feed and Single Posts scheduled). Click on the [ Go to Scheduler ] button to quickly review the schedules in progress;
  • CREATED CONTENTS: shows info about the active contents created by PostPickr, grouped by type (all Topics, all Contents, all Posts and all Archived Posts). Click on the [ Compose a Post ] button to quickly create and publish immediately a post or schedule it for later;
  • PUBLISHED CONTENTS: shows info about the all contents published by PostPickr, grouped by type (all Posts, status update, link and images). Click on the [ Go to Review ] button to quickly review all the published Posts;

in this project


Get in Touch

Here you will find a quickly access to knowledge base, videoguide, public forum and latest news from PostPickr blog.

get in touch


Ideas and Suggestions

Every day you will find here some ideas and hints about special anniversaries and events that happened on today’s date, along with the latest social media news:



  Create, import and organize content


Once you have set up and choose a Project, you can start create contents to be published immediately or schedule for later. In PostPickr the same “content” can be released through one or more “post”, depending on how many social channels you have choosen and previously connected to the Project.

To create and publish content on one or more social channels simultaneously:

  1. click on [ Compose ] button in the Main Menu;
  2. in the “Publish on” section, select or deselect social channels on which to publish;
  3. in the “Compose a Post” section enter in the appropriate fields the text of your message, upload an image, add a link (full or shortened). A special counter will show you if the number of chars in your message exceeds the 140 limit imposed by Twitter (1);
  4. in the “Actions” section, click on the “Post Now” button to immediately publish the post. A notice will confirm correct sending in the publication queue; you will be able to check the content published (2).

post editor

To schedule a content publication:

  1. in the “Actions” section, click on the “Schedule” button;
  2. from the pop-up menu, set date and time of the pubblication;
  3. click on the “Confirm” button. At the bottom of the Content Editor you will see a preview of the scheduled post; you will able to view, edit or delete it permanently from PostPickr (3).

post schedule

To save a content into a Topic List:

  1. in the “Actions” section, click on the “Save in a Topic List” button and then choose an existing item from the list, or click on “Create a new Topic List”;
  2. click on the “Save” button. If you have created a new Topic, you will be prompted to immediately schedule it.


save in a topic

(1) All the links will be automatically shortened for Twitter via the links shortening service
(2) You can access this feature at any time from the “Review” section 
(3) You can access this feature at any time from “Schedule” > “Post”



Smart Picker is a special feature that allows you to import and share content feeds from the web and from the most popular social networks. The imported content can be saved as Topic and programmed by the Schedule section. To use the Smart Picker click on “Import” button in the Main Menu:

smart picker

To import contents from a feed:

  1. in the “Publish on” section, select or deselect social channels on which to publish;
  2. in the “Source” section, click on the tab corresponding to the type feed you wish to import;
  3. click on “Show” button to display a contents preview available on the feed;
  4. tick on the check box near every post in order to select those you want to import or tick on the “Select All” check box to add them all. Tick on the “Use shortened link” check box if you want to shorten the links which will be shared;
  5. in the “Customize the message” section you can manually add a text to the link content, or include the title and the description of original content – if available – by using smartcode [ Title ] and [ Description ];
  6. in the “Pick” section, click on the “Selected Post” radio button if you wish to save only the posts previously selected or click on the “Entire Feed” radio button to handle even the future content that will be added to the feed;
  7. in the “Actions” section, use “Save in a Topic List / Save as Topic Feed(1) to save imported contents;  
  8. At the bottom of the Smart Pickr you will see a preview of the saved posts; you will able to view, edit or delete it permanently from PostPickr(2).

PostPickr can import content from the following sources:

  1. Standard RSS Feed
  2. Facebook albums and events
  3. YouTube channels and playlists
  4. Vimeo channels and playlists
  5. WordPress (categories feed)
  6. Instagram users feed and hashtags search
  7. Pinterest Pinboards and users feed
  8. Flickr users feed, albums, galleries e and keywords search
  9. Generic websites without explicit feed RSS (PostPickr will still try to extract the contents)

(1) You can not save an “Entire Feed” into a Topic List, you need to create a Topic Feed for each one.
(2) You can access this feature at any time from the “Review” section


Topics are used to organize your contents in to relevant categories and can be of two types:

  1. Topic Lists – contains single posts created by the Content Editor or imported via the Smart Picker using “Selected Posts”
  2. Topic Feeds – contains the original entire feed imported via the Smart Picker.

Combined with the Scheduler, you can publish the Topic contents by a powerful programming feature.



To manage Topics:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Review ] >  [ Topics ];
  2. click on [ Add a Topic ] button to create an empty Topic List;
  3. in the table below, hover the mouse on a Topic item and then click on the “Show Contents” link to view and / or edit individual post; click on “Rename” link to edit its name, or click on “Delete” link to permanently remove your Topic and all its contents from PostPickr (1);
  4. use the “Search” field to quickly find a Topic from the list.

The “Type” column of the table show a folder icon to identify Topic List or a feed source icons to identify Topic Feed. The “Status” column indicates whether a Topic has been scheduled and the relative publication status. By clicking on the table headers you can sort the list based on the type of  Topic or his status in Scheduler.

(1) Will also be deleted the corresponding folder in the “Archived Posts”

Published Posts

To view the history of all posts created and published by PostPickr:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Review ] > [ Published ];
  2. use [ Topics ], [ Channels ] and [ Sort ] dropdown to filter the list;
  3. click on the  icon near single posts and then choose whether to view the post published in the destination channel, archive it, or delete it permanently from PostPickr (the post will not be removed from the destination channel on which it was published).

published posts

Saved Posts

To review and edit single post saved in a Topic List/Feed:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Review ] > [ Saved ];
  2. use [ Topics ], [ Channels ] and [ Sort ] dropdown to filter the list;
  3. click on the  icon near single posts and then choose whether archive, edit or delete it permanently from PostPickr.

saved posts



Archived Posts

As you may have noticed PostPickr allows you to store published or saved content for later or different use. You can store individual posts manually or automatically through the Scheduler (1).

archived posts

To view and manage the archived posts:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Review ] > [ Archived ];
  2. use [ Topics ], [ Channels ] and [ Sort ] dropdown to filter the list;
  3. click on the  icon near single posts and then choose whether republish, move it back in to a Topic List(2) or delete it permanently from PostPickr

(1) only for scheduled Topic Lists
(2) coming soon

  Set a Schedule Plan


Schedule a Topic List/Feed

Topics scheduling is an innovative and powerful features that PostPickr provides you to make more efficient and organized your publications flow. Add a Topic List/Feed to the scheduler and then choose what content to publish, time and date range.


To schedule a Topic:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Schedule ] > [ Topic ];
  2. click on [ Schedule a Topic ] button to show scheduling options;
  3. choose a Topic from corresponding dropdown menu;
  4. if you are adding a Topic List, use “Pick Content” dropdown menu to set how content will be picked from Topic List among “Random(1)” or “Sequential” mode;
  5. if you are adding a Topic Feed,use “Pick Content” dropdown menu to set how content will be picked from Topic Feed among “Newest(2)”, “Random”, “Random among the first 5”, “Random among the first 10”
  6. use “Time” field to set the time of publication;
  7. use “Date Range” field if you want to set the starting and the ending date of publication or set “Moreover” option in you want publish continuously;
  8. choose in which days of the week contents will be published;
  9. if you schedule a Topic List, choose whether to archive automatically post after its publication (3)
  10. Set the [ Enabled ] switch to enable or disable publications of the scheduled Topic;
  11. click on the [ Confirm ] button to finish programming

Topic will be added to the scheduling list; you can edit, remove from the schedule or disable it at any time. The “Status” column indicates three possible conditions:

  ENABLED – Topic is regularly active and can publish content

  DISABLED – Topic publications has been manually disabled

  STOP – Topic can not be published for lack of content (only for Topic List), or because you have reached the end date set in the field “Date Range”

scheduled topics

(1) The PostPickr algorithm checks that the contents chosen to be different from that previously published in order to prevent double consecutive posts in the stream. This function is active even in the case of multiple schedule of the same Topic in a day.
(2) Will be published only new posts added in the feed source. Otherwise PostPickr will miss the publication and you will get a notification in the “Alerts” tab;
(3) Content archived after publication are removed from the Topic List and can not therefore be republished more. You can always restore them using the appropriate function from Review > Archived.

Scheduled Posts

To view and edit single posts scheduled via Post Editor:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Schedule ] > [ Post ];
  2. use [ Channels ] and [ Sort ] dropdown to filter the list;
  3. click on the  icon and then choose whether to edit the scheduled post or or delete it permanently from PostPickr

edit scheduled posts

NOTE: In addition to Post Editor, you can schedule a new post directly from this section by clicking on the “Schedule a Post” button


Editorial Calendar

Calendar displays the daily schedule of your editorial plan. You can move forward and backward in time to see what Topics and Posts are been scheduled in a specific day.


To show the Calendar:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Schedule ] > [ Show Calendar ];
  2. click on the [ < ] e [ > ] buttons to move forward or backward in the Calendar;
  3. click on the  button to view and edit contents of an item;
  4. click on the [ Today ] button to view what have been scheduled today;

view contents



Alerts section gathers all the information about non-publication issues. Alerts are notified through a red little number in the “Alerts” tab and through a pop-up window in the Overview section:

dashboard alert

Alerts can be of four types:

  1. publication errors generated by the application token;
  2. lack of content in a scheduled Topic List;
  3. no new posts found in a Topic Feed since the last publication;
  4. has been reached the ending date (if set in Date Range field) 


To check the Alerts:

  1. from the Main Menu choose [ Schedule ] > [ Show Aletrs ];
  2. click on the [ Archive ] button to remove the item from the active alerts;
  3. Click on the [ Load Previous Alerts ] button to view the history of previous alerts;
  4. Click on the [ Delete ] button to permanently remove the alert from PostPickr.


  Measure your Audience








  Collaborative Management



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