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How to connect your Rebrandly account to PostPickr

Rebrandly is a custom URL shortener which allows you to create cool and descriptive short links, using your custom “branded” domain name.

Unlike the most common URL shorteners on the market, such as Bitly or, Rebrandly’s branded links are pronounceable and easy to remember which helps you promote your brand much more effectively.

To connect your Rebrandly account to PostPickr, you need to create a new project or edit an existing one from the menubar Organizza > Progetti (Manage > Projects):




A window will pop up, asking you to insert your account credentials in order to login to Rebrandly (if you do not have any Rebrandly account yet, you can sign up here. It’ll take you but a few moments):



Once you’ve signed up, you need to set a domain as your default URL shortener. You can use the default one ( or you can also add one of your branded domains. Click on the “Conferma” blue button to save the settings.



By clicking on Aggiungi un nuovo dominio (Add new domain), you’ll be redirected to a dedicated section on the Rebrandly website, where you can buy and register a new custom domain name.



Once connected, you can easily short all the links in your messages with your branded domain: both when you compose a new post (using our Post Editor or features such as “Importa Contenuti Selezionati” and “Smart Feed”) and when you edit it.

To create a customized short link with Rebrandly, you just need to get the box “Accorcia link con Rebrandly” (Short link with Rebrandly – below the message field) ticked.



Unlike Bitly or, Rebrandly not only shortens the URL , but it also lets you customize the last part of your new URL with any text you desire. The result is a cool reader-friendly and easy-to-remember link: a smart way to improve your branding and marketing efforts.


personalizza url con Rebrandly

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