FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is PostPickr?

PostPickr is a Social Media Management Platform. It allows you to simultaneously manage multiple accounts across social networks, even collaboratively. Unlike others tools, PostPickr’s offers an innovative, editorial way to manage and execute your social media strategy.

Who is it for?

PostPickr is the best social media solution for every type of business:

  • Professionals – to promote personal brand across social media or manage other social profiles as a consultant;
  • Agencies – to easily and efficiently manage clients portfolio, getting control of entire workflow;
  • SMBs & Startups – to boost social media presence, save time and grow online businesses;
  • Publishers – to power the content delivery strategy and make it more effective and seamless.
What are the Projects?

Projects are the most efficient way to manage multiple social media plans or marketing campaigns simultaneously. You can create ad-hoc Projects for each clients, campaigns or brands, and manage related channels, contents, and team members separately.

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What is a social channel?

For social channels we mean personal profiles, pages, groups or active accounts in one of the PostPickr supported social networks, such as:

  • Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Groups and Administered Events)
  • Instagram (Account)
  • Twitter (Account)
  • LinkedIn (Profiles, Pages and Showcases)
  • YouTube (Channels)
  • Google+ (Profiles and Pages) 

For an updated list of platform integrations, visit this page.


What are the Series?

PostPickr’s Series allows you to collect, plan and deliver contents in a smarter and meaningful way. Fill your Series in advance with topicized contents and let PostPickr publish them at desidered days and hours of the week.

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How many social channels can I connect?

The maximum number of social channels that you can connect and manage with PostPickr depends on the subscribed plan.

Can I use PostPickr in English?

We are currently running a closed beta testing of the English platform. Request your early access here and be the first to discover our amazing features!

How do I delete my PostPickr account?

To permanently delete your PostPickr account, you must send an email request to [email protected], using the email account used for subscription.