Content Curation

Content Curation

Aggregate and keep tabs on your favorite sources across the web and social spheres. Cherry-pick, import, and pass the baton to the cream of the crop content.

Importa e condividi da +10 fonti web e social

Discover. Import. Share.

Draw from a treasure trove of content from across the web, social media, and popular platforms. From classic RSS feeds, WordPress categories, Facebook pages, YouTube playlists, Pinterest boards, Flickr galleries, Twitter searches, and a plethora of other services.

Feed RSSWordpress - Intero feed e categorieFacebook - Diario, Album, EventiTwitter SearchYouTube - Canali e PlaylistInstagram - Feed dell'account e hashtagPinterest - Account e BoardFlickr - Account, Album, Set, GalleriePocket - Intero feed, tag, letti/non lettiSoundCloud - Canale e PlaylistPixabay Search

Import Content in Bulk

Peek into the feed of each source, schedule and share content piece by piece or haul them in bulk into your scheduled Series.

Importa in blocco più contenuti
Opzioni avanzate di importazione

Craft Your Copy on the Fly

Forge dynamic messages as you import content, leveraging the link’s title or descriptions. Shorten and track links, upload preview images as attachments, and tap into the treasure chest of advanced options available for each social network.

Import Multiple Images with a Single Click

Sweep in multiple images at once, from your device or by prospecting on Pixabay. Automatically craft a post for each imported image, spanning across multiple social networks and accounts

Importazione multipla di immagini
Pianificazione con Excel

Plan with Excel, Publish with PostPickr

Got a soft spot for organizing your campaigns with good old spreadsheets? PostPickr embraces .xls or .csv files, and magically morphs them into formatted posts, primed and ready to take the social stage.

Put Sharing on Cruise Control

With PostPickr’s Smart Feed feature, you can effortlessly share content from your sources on autopilot, waltzing through the days and time slots of your choice.

Condivisione automatica dalle fonti
Booklet per la condivisione diretta dal web

Share Content Straight from the Web

Add our “Picklet” to your browser’s favorites bar and share any webpage on your social networks while you’re in the thick of browsing.

PostPickr is a tool I can’t fathom parting with. I’ve been harnessing the platform since… well, forever. Besides the top-shelf support (shoutout to the Italian team), it’s among the most all-encompassing out there.
Silvia Bonasegale Camnasio

Veterinarian - Marketing & Communication Consultant - Copywriter

Italy’s Most Beloved Social Media Tool.

Over 130,000 professionals have chosen PostPickr as their secret weapon to save time and supercharge productivity on social media.

Crafted with ❤️ and Italian passion.

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