Well, here we are. We are excited to announce the launch of Postpickr Private Beta, currently only available to a restricted guests, which we trust will soon spread to new contributions. The project is ambitious, we are aware of it. There are many tools available for social media management, indeed, the offer is in constant growth and there are already several mature and affirmed products, managed by real giants of this market.

Yet we are certain that in the market of professional social media management there are still growing needs to satisfy, in the same way as the level of involvement of social media in people’s lives and businness. The urgency of publishing contents promptly and efficiently on social media has never been so high. The social channels portfolio provided to companies and professionals is in constant growth. Each of them needs more and more attention and constant feeding, with captivating and interesting contents.

But despite the shattering growth of the social content marketing and tools for its management, most involved participants don’t face the problem on a strategic and tactical plan. The reason is that the management of the whole communication flow is very demanding. The content marketing projects have several moving parts which get together at different times before forming cohesive campaigns. It is therefore essential to organize and carry out an editorial plan that would efficiently manage the whole process. Business and professionals feel more and more forced to think in an editor-like way.

And here is where we enter the scene:

PostPickr is a Tool for Social Content Marketing, thought for companies and professionals who are strategically active in social media. Compared with other tools, it offers an editorial approach to contents management, through managing them by topics and pertinence, thus guaranteeing constance and efficiency in their publication.

Although it is still not our ideal application, this Postpickr Beta contains the main key features that, in our opinion, make it really innovative compared to the main competing products/tools. There will certainly be bugs, minor errors, difficulties in the use, but we assure you that we have been working intensely to minimize them, and that we will keep doing even better over the testing phase. We already thank all subscribers for the precious time they will want to dedicate on this project, we will try not to disappoint your expectations (and ours too!)

Let’s start. It’s time to pick!

Maurizio, Antonello, Maria


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