Social Network as a means to entertain

Everyday, together with millions of people, we use social network to get information, share experiences, socialize, make business. Whatever the field in which our social profiles operate, to be efficient and engaging we have to be able to entertain. Which means that communication must be interesting, creative, innovative, recognizable, able to engage the audience attention in order to attract and retain it to our brand. But sometimes contents effectiveness can be affected by poor operational efficiency. Whoever – at any level – deals with social media management knows how challenging to produce a constant and methodical flow of content, among a thousand daily tasks and information chaos. Creativity by itself is then not enough.

Entertainment is to be organized

In order to be efficient, our communication is to be:

  • Designed
  • Customized
  • Planned
  • Widespread
  • Measured

Let’s take TV as an example. TV is still the undisputed queen of mass entertainment because broadcast networks have had to build since they were born their own scheduling schemes in a competing situation, thus producing professionality aimed at optimizing broadcast programming, in relation with different targets and time scheduling.

Postpickr: an editorial tool for social content publishing

At publishing-level, it is easy to find similarities between social media and TV programs.  Let’s replace social networks with TV channels/networks, programs with post flow, television audience with social community, Auditel meter with the analytics and the job is done.  But apart from those differences related to the inner features of the medium, what is often missing in social communication is the ability of organizing itself in a planned scheduling, in which editorial guidelines and clear programming strategies would be defined in order to identify values and contents which would identify the brand in the network.

PostPickr meets this need: a smart way to automate our whole social contents flow through medium-long run editorial plans, customized by targets, contents and programming. Taking the TV metaphor again, we could say that Postpickr deals with the Day Time programming, that is the publication of different contents (episodes, etc…) related to recurring genres (information, shows, culture, sport, society and not last, advertising).

PostPickr is what you need to create a custom-made social scheduling for your editorial strategy, simply and quickly. Once you have ensured communication continuity, the much (and valuable) time saved can be devoted to listening, monitoring, interaction, and especially to creating contents with the highest rates of creativity and interest. In other words, Prime time.

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